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Sunday Brunch

If you are ever in the Doral, FL area, do yourself a favor and stop by M.I.A Beer Company's Bruhaus. They are a unique bar because they offer a huge selection of south Florida's locally crafted beers.

I don't know if it was me or the fact that I was there for Sunday brunch, but the restaurant definitely gives off Miami Vice vibes. Or maybe it was the glow of the purple lights they have to show off their beer menu. I'm still deciding...

Where do I start? The drinks, the food...the food! Oh, my goodness talk about foodgasms! But the day started with the drinks, so I'll start at the beginning.

I was there with a friend of mine and we were just enjoying our Sunday. We decided to start off with some drinks. I am not a big beer person and I know, what the heck was I doing at a beer place anyways? Listen don't judge me. Plus, they had unlimited mimosas and that, I am a fan of. And also, I was taste testing my friend's beers, who is a big-time beer person. I mean…

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